First blog post

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This is My House


This is my house which has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. It has a living room and a kitchen.  There is no patio. There is a small backyard.  I live with just my caretaker. I’ve lived there since the beginning of January of 2017.

The house is 2 stories.


My Favorite Christmas



My favorite Christmas was last year.

Well I got to go on a boat around the San Francisco bay. It was cold and windy and the boat bounced around a lot. I could hear the engine and people talking. I went with an organization called My Leaf. There were lots of people; most of them were sighted. The trip lasted for one hour. We got off the boat and went back to the vehicles and headed home.

When I got home I went on YouTube and selected a song called Rock the Boat and I danced to the song. It was one of my favorites.

My living situation


This is Willie Jammer again.

I was in all kinds of living situations.

I like where I’m living because there’s a gentleman who’s a cook.

He’s my care giver.

There’s a lady who lives next door to me.

Her name is Vivian Richardson.

/She’s another cook and visits me every so often.

Both of them take care of me.

The male caretaker’s name is Curtis. He’s the one doing my laundry, cooks my food and fixes my lunches when I want him to otherwise I take a TV dinner with me and eat at the Lighthouse for the Blind.

A person with a hearing loss

This is Willie. I’m totally deaf without hearing aids. I was born in March 10th 1959 and grew up on the San Francisco pennesula.

I went to school on the peninsula to start off with.

This was a school called Bellhaven School.

It’s an elementary school for blind children and some visually impaired people.

I went there for a few years and after I finished there I went to the California School for the Blind in Berkeley.